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TODAY - Friday, April 28th
program after-school to cap off Wellness Week!

Wellness Week at WMS!
April 24 - 28
More info HERE. 

Join us for the Florence Adler 5K Walk/Run!

May 13, 2017  11:00 AM (9:30 registration)
Registration info HERE.


2017 MCAS Schedule

2016 - 2017 School Calendar

MASS.Gov Health and Human Services page, including information on Substance Use and Abuse

Math: Making Sense of Standards Based Assessment

2014 MW Adolescent Health Survey - WAYLAND Middle School Highlight Report​

2014 MW Adolescent Health Survey – WAYLAND Middle School Tables​​


Wayland Middle School is a community of learners. We strive to provide a rigorous, stimulating academic environment in which students find both challenge and support. We nurture a sense of curiosity, connection, and love of learning that extends beyond the middle school years. With equal regard, we support the development of social skills by encouraging a fundamental respect for oneself, our environment, and the larger world. Our house mentors - Henry David Thoreau, Rachel Louise Carson, and Martin Luther King, Jr. – model for us individual and collective responsibility and our role in fostering justice. We promote their teachings as we care for every member of our community. 

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Upcoming Events
   8th Grade MCAS ELA
   May 01 2017
   5th Grade Parent Night
   May 02 2017 at 07:00 PM
   8th Grade MCAS Math
   May 04 2017
   8th Grade MCAS STE
   May 08 2017
   7th Grade MCAS Math
   May 15 2017