Course Recommendations - Rising 7th & 8th Graders

For Rising 7th Grade - multiple courses are offered in Math. For more information and course descriptions, click here.

  • Math courses that your child could be recommended for are:

      - Introductory Pre-Algebra (Level 1)
      - Pre-Algebra (Level 2) with Math Boost
      - Pre-Algebra (Level 2)
      - Accelerated Pre-Algebra (Level 3)

For Rising 8th Grade - multiple courses are offered in Science and Math. For Math course descriptions click here.  For Science course descriptions click here.

Math courses that your child could be recommended for are:
  - Introduction to Algebra (Level 1)
  - Algebra (Level 2)
  - Accelerated Algebra (Level 3)

  • Science courses are:
      - Earth Science (Level 2)
      - Accelerated Earth Science (Level 3)

    • Course Recommendation Override Process

    • Parents of students who were not recommended for a course may initiate an appeals process if the student is earning a B+ in the course or a C+ in the accelerated course. Students in standards-based graded courses will be required to have demonstrated mastery by earning modes of 4 in the majority of skills and have no modes of 2.

      • Step 1 - Parents should contact their student's current teacher to better understand the recommendation and discuss concerns.

      • Step 2 - The student must submit a one-page statement in support of entering the desired course and supporting evidence (i.e. writing samples, tests and quizzes, plans for additional support, etc.)

      • Step 3 - An appeal meeting involving the student and his or her parents/guardian, the teacher, and the curriculum leader will be concluded before Friday, May 17to discuss the request.  The curriculum leader will schedule this meeting after receiving the student’s written statement.

      • If agreement is still not reached, the student will be permitted to enroll in the course in question, provided the parent and student sign this override appeal form and submit it to the curriculum leader by Mon, May 21.

      • If the student enrolls in an accelerated course for which s/he is not recommended and fails to maintain a B- test average or better at the end of the quarter/year, the student will be moved to the more appropriate level.  If it is not practical to reschedule the student at that time, the student will remain in the course in question, but with the clear understanding that the student may not be allowed to enroll in a higher level course in that subject area in the following year. The principal’s decision with respect to such rescheduling will be final. 



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