CUB-Catch Up & Breathe Weekends

Catch Up and Breathe - CUB Weekends

During the 2016-17 school year, "Catch Up and Breathe (CUB)" Weekends were developed in response to concerns about student stress. CUB Weekends were conceived to be about mentoring students about how to take healthy pauses in life. We all need time to reconnect, recharge, and regroup, and these weekends were designed to be chances to do exactly that. It was our attempt to honor the fullness of our students’ lives outside of school, and at the same time they afforded us a chance to mentor students in striking a balance between work and play.  "Catch Up and Breathe" was also a recognition that weekends were different than other days of the week.   

On CUB weekends students do not receive homework due Monday, nor are there assessments/projects due on the Monday following a CUB weekend. Students are free to think about doing any or all or none of the following if they so choose:

- sleep in really late - restock a pencil pouch - go on a hike - work on an art project - charge up a Chromebook - watch a movie with family - curl up with a good book - complete any overdue assignments if they choose - clean up/update their Google Keep or planner - play a board/card/video game with friends - run wild in a field - organize a binder
- do anything that they feel would allow them to come back Monday feeling ready and get the idea… :)   CUB Weekend Schedule for 2018-2019: September: Friday, September 7th (Monday 10th, Rosh Hashana) Friday, September 21st October: Friday, October 5th                         Friday, October 19th November: Friday, November 9th (Monday 12th, Veteran’s Day)                         Wednesday, November 21st (Thanksgiving Break) December: Friday, December 7th                   Friday, December 21st (through Winter Break) January: Friday, January, 18th (Monday 21st, Martin Luther King Day) February: Friday, February 1st Friday, February 15th (February Vacation) March: Friday, March 8th Friday, March 22nd April: Friday, April 12th (April Vacation) May: Friday, May 3rd
                        Friday, May 24th (Monday 27th, Memorial Day)


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