World Languages Department
(March 5 - March 9)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

I. What languages are offered at Wayland Middle School?

French, Latin, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese are offered at Wayland Middle school. 

II. When do students sign up to take a language?

The majority of students make their language choice in March of their 6th grade following a school-wide celebration called World Languages Week.  Those who are not yet ready to start a language at that time may do so in 8th or 9th grade.

III. Is signing up for a language in Middle School a 2-year commitment?

The beauty of starting a language at the middle school level is that Level 1 is broken down into Level 1A (in 7th grade) and Level 1B (in 8th grade.)  At the end of this two-year study, students are ready for Level 2 at the High School.

IV. Is language instruction leveled?

Language courses are not leveled at the Middle School.  Anyone who yearns to learn a new language has an opportunity to do so.

V. What is the criteria for recommending students to an Honors vs. a College Prep level course at Wayland High School?

To be recommended for an Honors level at the High School, students
must have an A average in Language at the MS with an A average of large assessments.