Course Registration - Incoming 9th Graders

Parent Course Recommendation Timeline 

Incoming 9th Grade for 2017 - 2018

February 27

Ninth-Grade Program of Studies to the Middle School (a few paper copies, but all online for student meetings).

Wednesday, February 27 thru Friday, March 10

MS teachers enter course recommendations for next year’s grade 9 students on individual student’s sheet.

Friday, March 10 -Friday, March 17

8th grade counselor reviews recommendations.

  March 15

At 7:00 pm at the high school, an 8th grade parent meeting on grade 9 course selection will be held.

 Friday, March 17


8th grade students will hear a presentation from high school guidance counselors on the grade 9 course selection process.

  March 22

In TAG, 8th graders will view the high school Program of Studies online. 8th graders will also be handed their recommendation forms to bring home.

  March 22 –
  March 29

Parents review course recommendations and select elective requests. Guidance begins to look at recommendations as parents review and approve.

 Thursday, April 13

Deadline for override appeal paperwork.

 Tuesday, May 2

After today, any change in course request and/or recommendations is logged in GoogleDoc and high school makes changes.

Friday, May 5

This is the final date for parent override meetings with 8th grade teachers.


8th grade students will visit the high school.


Override Process for Incoming 9th Graders

Parents of students who did not meet the recommendation criteria for a course may initiate an appeals process if the student is earning a B+ in the 8th grade course or a C+ in the accelerated 8th grade course. Students in standards-based graded courses will be required to have demonstrated mastery by earning modes of 4 in the majority of skills and have no modes of 2.

  • Contact your child's subject teacher. The teacher will explain the appeal process and necessary paperwork (by 4/13 the student must submit a one-page statement in support of entering the desired course and include supporting evidence, i.e. writing samples, tests and quizzes, plans for additional support, etc.).
  • The curriculum leader will then call you to schedule an appeal meeting involving you, your child, the teacher, and the curriculum leader. The appeal meeting must be concluded before Friday, May 5.
  • If after the appeal meeting, an agreement cannot reached between the your child and the department, the original teacher recommendation stands and your child will be placed on a waitlist for the desired course in question, with priority given to students who have met the prerequisite conditions at the end of the year.
  • Following the override meeting, you will sign an override statement, acknowledging the recommendation of the professional staff.  If your child is then enrolled in a course for which s/he is not recommended and fails to maintain a B– average or better at the end of the semester, he/she will be moved to the more appropriate level.  If it is not practical to reschedule your child at that time, he/she may remain in the course in question but with the clear understanding that he/she will not be allowed to enroll in a higher level course in that discipline in the ensuing year. The principal’s decision with respect to such rescheduling will be final.

These appeals meetings must take place no later than May 5.  All override meetings involving incoming 9th graders will take place at the middle school.