Articulation Entrance Criteria


Eligiblity for Program Intervention:

A student must present with one or more of the following based on a formal evaluation or clinical determination:

*A pattern of articulation errors judged to be a disorder (non-developmental in nature) and having an impact on a student’s intelligibility (moderate to severe) and/or spoken communication competence in the learning environment impacting a student’s academic progress.

*An organic condition (e.g. cleftpalate/lip, dyspraxia) interfering with speech and for which there is potential for improvement.

*Less than 80% intelligibility byan unfamiliar listener

*Developmental and/or immature speech patterns causing unintelligible speech

 Sound Development Information:

 Children should produce the following sounds correctly within the age range indicated:

Ages 3-5 years:          ‘m’,‘b’, ‘n’, ‘t’, ‘p’, ‘f’, d’, ‘k’, ‘g’, ‘w’, ‘h’ and vowels

Ages 5-7 years:          ‘sh’,‘ch’,  ‘j’, ‘l’ and ‘l’ blends

Ages 7-9 years:          ‘v’,‘th’, ‘s’, ‘z’, ‘r’, ‘s’ blends and ‘r’ blends

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