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At Wayland Middle School we are proud to offer LATIN, FRENCH SPANISHCHINESE 
starting in grade 6,

as well as to continue our SPANISH IMMERSION PROGRAM!

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The goal of the World Languages Program at Wayland Middle School is to instill a love of learning another language in each young person. Our program values the communicative method, called proficiency, which focuses on what students are able to do with the language. Communicative aspects, speaking and writing, are embedded in the cultures of countries, in which the target language is or was spoken. Students are encouraged to think about comparisons and to make connections in the target language. A kinesthetic and collaborative approach, which is supported by visual and auditory cultural tools, is embraced in our classrooms.

Klara Sands - World Languages Curriculum Leader  Organic World Language � Where Language Comes To Life
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n 2024

 Frequently Asked Questions:

For upcoming 6th grade families:

I. When do students sign up to take a language?
The majority of students make their language selection in March of their 5th grade year. Those who are not yet ready to start a language at that time may do so in subsequent grades. World Language Caregiver Night will take place on March 25 at 7pm on Google Meet. Here is the Overview, if you must miss it.

II. How do students sign up to take a language?
Students sign up for their choice of language by filling out a Google Form linked to their elementary school website March 25-28, 2024. 

III. Will my child get his/her/their first choice of language?
Your child is guaranteed one of his/her/their top two choices. 

IV. Is signing up for a language at Wayland Middle School a commitment for the duration of my child's middle school career?
Yes. The beauty of starting a language in middle school is that the Novice level (Level 1) is broken down into Level 1A (in 6th grade) and Level 1B (in 7th grade) and Level 1C (in 8th grade.) This provides students with enough hours with the language to be able to reach the Novice-High / Intermediate-Low level at the end of middle school. Therefore, students will be ready for Level 2 (the Intermediate levels) at the High School.

V. My child is a native speaker of language "X." Should my child sign up for the same language at the middle school?
Short answer would be "No." Our classes are Novice level courses designed for students with 0% experience with that language. Your child should chose another language to study.
Longer answer. It depends. If your child wants to gain the knowledge of the writing system, for example in Chinese, your child may consider entering the Novice levels. Although they may understand what is being discussed they may be challenged by learning how to write the language. 

VI. If my child needs to work on other skills, such as Reading or Math, and therefore is not ready to take on a world language in grade 6, can my child start a language in grade 7 or 8 or even in grade 9?
Yes. If a child needs to work on other skills, such as Reading or Math, and is not ready to take on language learning in grade 6, the child can start a language in grade 7, 8, or high school. A personal plan, involving the guardian and the liaison, would be developed.

VII. Can my child start Latin 1, French 1 or Chinese 1 at the high school?
Short answer would be "No." Novice level classes at the high school only run if the enrollment warrants it (at least 10 interested students.) Your best bet, if you'd like to start learning any of these three, would be to start the learning at the middle school.

VIII. Can my child start Spanish 1 at the high school?
Short answer is "Yes." This introductory course tends to run each year because there are enough students interested in starting it at the high school.  

IX. Are upper level classes for all languages offered at the high school?
Yes. All languages have robust level 2,3,4, and AP class offerings at the high school. Your child could take each language for 7 years in our system and reach the Intermediate-High level of proficiency.

X. Does Wayland offer the Seal of Biliteracy for language students?
Yes. If your child reaches the Intermediate-High level of proficiency by senior year, they will be awarded the Seal of Biliteracy on their high school diploma. To find out more about the Seal of Biliteracy in Wayland, click here, or the Seal of Biliteracy in general in Massachusetts, click here.

XI. When do students find out what language they have gotten?
Students find out when they get their schedule in August. Remember, students are guaranteed one of their top two choices.

For upcoming 9th grade families:

I. What is the criteria for recommending students to an Honors vs. a College Prep level course at Wayland High School?
A student who consistently "Exceeds Standards" and demonstrates reaching for the Intermediate-Low level will have earned the recommendation into an Honors level course at the High School.

II. Are Novice level courses (Latin 1, French 1, Spanish 1, Chinese 1) offered at Wayland High School?
Yes. However, any course must have at least 10 participants in order for the class to run. Spanish 1 tends to run every year due to interest. Latin 1, French 1, Chinese 1 do not run every year at the HS.

III. Is there a language requirement for graduation at Wayland High School?
Yes. Students must complete two consecutive years of a single language study at the high school. The level does not matter. As an example, a student can fulfill this requirement by either taking Spanish 1 & Spanish 2 or Latin 4 & Latin AP (or any other sequence in the languages that we offer: Latin, French, Spanish, Chinese). Most students take a language all four years of their high school career. Some even double up!
IV. Does Wayland offer the Seal of Biliteracy for language students?
Yes. If your child reaches the Intermediate-High level of proficiency by senior year, they will be awarded the Seal of Biliteracy on their high school diploma. To find out more about the Seal of Biliteracy in Wayland, click here, or the Seal of Biliteracy in general in Massachusetts, click here.



I. Is language instruction leveled at the Middle School?
Language courses are not leveled at WMS. Anyone who is ready and yearns to learn a new language has an opportunity to do so.

II. Can a student change his/her/their language selection at the middle school level?
In order to complete the Novice level and be ready for the Intermediate level at the high school, student must complete the middle school sequence. Student may select another language at the high school level.

Name Grade Email 
Maria Inma Alcocer  6
Danuta Bujak  6  [email protected]
Chiun-Fan Chang
Katherine De Lima  7 & 8
Cici Leffell   7
Chitra Mills  6  [email protected]
Klara Sands
Jada Williams 7 & 8
Irene Yukash  6-8

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